Assessments can illuminate diagnosis, learning issues and potential, and provide recommendations for school or work accommodations.  Psychological assessments can be used  to diagnose ADHD in both kids and adults, they assess learning impediments, provide recommendations that are useful in being a successful worker or scholar, assist with independent school admissions, as well as other uses.   

Another benefit of testing is that it provides a roadmap of recommendations that can guide treatment and school interventions.  At ITGW, we offer COGMED, an innovative system that is evidenced based and can help with improving concentration, attention, memory, planning, and executive functioning.

When scheduling your assessment, plan to be with the psychologist for several hours, as a complete battery involves many different testing instruments. Make sure to eat a hearty meal before testing and bring snacks. For some children, scheduling the assessment over several days helps to clarify the picture without fatiguing the child.