For many individuals and couples, it is a dream to build a family of your own. Sometimes, this road is far more complicated than initially thought.

For people that might need to use donor gametes (donated sperm or eggs) it is useful and educational to have a meeting of fertility related counseling. This meeting will not determine your fitness to parent, but will talk about many of the nuances about using donated gametes and raising a child conceived using a donor.  

Some people turn to a gestational carrier for a healthy baby. At ITGW, we have a psychologist that is part of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Mental Health Professional Group  and is trained to perform evaluations for prospective gestational carriers. Additionally, we work with intended parents and the entire group to facilitate a healthy start to this unique family building relationship.

ITGW also offers individual counseling, couples counseling, and group counseling for issues related to reproductive health, including fertility struggles, pregnancy loss (including abortion), birth trauma, and perinatal mental health complications.