ITGW Groups

Often times, we feel alone when we struggle. Group therapy reduces the sense of isolation and is able to work with specific concerns in a safe therapeutic setting. The group modality is a powerful one as it facilitates change through peer interaction, problem solving, role playing, and real time dynamics.

ITGW is always happy to offer additional groups beyond what is currently scheduled. Active groups include:

Recurrent Miscarriage Group
A bi-weekly group for women that have had two or more miscarriages.

Gone But Not Forgotten
 A monthly group for women that have experienced a 2nd or 3rd trimester pregnancy loss.

Young Adults Group
A group for young adults ages 18 to 26 that struggle with mood issues such as depression or anxiety.

Teen Group
A weekly group for high school aged students 15 and up struggling with mood issues.

Previous offerings include:

CHAT (Children Have Alot to Tell)–a group for elementary school aged kids

Parent Support for Kids with Special Needs–a weekly support group (that is time limited) designed to support parents with children that have special needs, including emotional, developmental, and physical.

Pregnant/Parenting After Loss–a monthly group for women that are experiencing a subsequent pregnancy or are actively parenting after a loss. This group manages the challenges that having a baby after a loss context entails.

Fertility After 40–this monthly group gives support for women that are struggling with conceiving a first or second child after the age of 40.

ITGW Group Forms-Download appropriate form before your first group session: