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But What If It Works?

This blog is being reposted by the author, Dr. Julie Bindeman. It was originally posted to Pregnancy After Loss Support in November 2017.  So much of a pregnancy after loss is spent with the all consuming thought: what if it doesn’t work this time too? That thought can linger in the recesses of a person’s […]

Grieving during the “Happiest Time of the Year”

There is no good time or easier time to grieve. The first year is especially hard as new “firsts” are being lived through-such as birthdays, anniversaries, and of course holidays. There is a supposition that the first year is the most awful for grief, and to an extent, this can be true. However, no one […]

In this moment

Being in the moment is no easy task. It almost seems that we are programmed to think ahead, formulate our plan for what is next, or automatically anticipate future actions. Our world moves so quickly and we attend to so many different stimuli (such as phones, fitness trackers, tablets, computers….) that is can feel seemingly […]

Merry and Bright?

Holidays are filled with “should’s” and “supposed to’s”.  ‘We should get together with family.’ or ‘We should be happy this time of year.’  For many, the holidays are anything but a happy time and are mired in stress. There is an idea that gatherings and meals need to be “perfect”.  Holiday cards perpetuate this notion […]

Back to School

For parents, this is a magical time of year. It is when the kids return to school. This means that there is a normal that can quickly be settled into once again or perhaps it might mean establishing a new normal. Not all kids will think of September (or as often is the case, the […]

Checking in on Change

Change takes time. Change is a process. Change is hard.  All three of these statements are true, and yet they don’t exactly make us want to rush out and commit to making a change. Most human beings prefer stability to change. We crave safety and security, as well as objects, people, and places that are […]

Let it Snow?

As adults, we romanticize snow. We look back with fondness on snow days, sledding, hot chocolate, and an unexpected day off. We might remember turning our pajamas inside out in the hopes that the School Closure Gods will take pity on us and declare a snow day. Once we become parents, we see that snow […]

Turkey and Holiday Blues- a mini-blog

Holidays are tough. Whether it is the logistics of pulling it off (either attending or preparing) or  even the thought of coping with so many family members in one room, most of us are affected by this time of year. Here is a quick survival cheat sheet in making it through the season with more […]

Welcome to Our Blog

November is inherently a time to take stock, to express gratitude, and to prepare to make changes once the new year begins. Taking stock is something that most of us find to be challenging. It means that we have to admit to ourselves (and perhaps others) that we don’t always do things “right” or that […]